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This is Armani, I dated her for almost 5 years, and I gave this bitch the fucking world!

I supported her AND her fucking mom for half the time we were together and all this bitch did was use me!

It started out small, taking money for this and that, staying out for days at a time, and never cleaning up a fucking thing around the huouse, It looked like we lived at the City dump.

Then one day I come home early from work and that fucking bitch was fucking my neighbor in our fucking bed!

I kicked his ass out and told him to take her with him, fuck um both, I did get the last laugh as I took these Photos of her

Rob D. Malibu California


I had always wanted to fuck Kasey since the first time I saw her at the bank she worked at,

I would flirt with her here and there, making cracks about "giving her my deposit" she seemed to like it, well hell I KNOW she liked it, as I ended up fucking her lol,

We dated for about 5 months or so, but by the end she started coming home later and later from work, was always "tired" and she pretty much stopped fucking me, this never sat right in my head so I started doing some digging, I looked through her drawers while she was at work and I came across these photos of her, I was shocked! she never would do that sort of thing for me and I'd asked her a few times lol,

I Later found out she been taking 'deposits' from her boss to get ahead at the bank by giving head! What a slut!

Mike H. South Carolina


This is Marilyn, we dated off and on for almost a year, I say off and on, cause we only got to see each other like once or twice a week, she always told me her job kept her busy.

When we were together though it was very hot and heavy! she was a tiger in bed! the shit this slut could do was amazing!

Well, one day, I'm out with a buddy of mine who just moved back to town, we went out for a few drinks and we were catching up on old times, I was telling him about Marilyn and how wild she was in the sack, and he then started telling me about his new girlfriend Alyssa, and the similarities between the two were down right SCARY!

I asked him if he had a picture of her and low and behold he showed me these photos of MY GIRLFRIEND Marilyn!

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